Communication expedient are needed to your own. But is unnecessary.

The method which has established home page and blog you think that which is bothered in everyday spam. Or, still just established, in the future securely spam probably is to keep increasing even with the one which is not bothered. In presently, 52% of the mail which is exchanged in the world is said that it is spam. And here in 2 and 3 years, the ratio is said that it reaches to 70%. Depending, in deletion of spam even wasteful time and because labor is not spent, a some spam measure is indispensable even in order in addition to try not to overlook the important mail.

It makes easymakes easy, as for the spam preventive measure which it is possible?

The fact that it is best as a spam measure is, if you express in one word, "not indicating mail address on HP". But, above managing HP and blog, the one that it is not possible not to place ahead inquiring, probably is the majority. In addition roughness it asks while keeping exchanging with the bulletin board, and the like, it would like to have replying privately with the mail, there are also times when it treats in the scene that. But, writing your own mail address on the bulletin board is a resistant impression and, this becomes also cause of spam.

There is the automatic operation round by the program as the expedient which collects the mail address where spammer becomes spam address in large quantities. spam reduction of approximately 8 tenths is possible by the fact that this is prevented.

As the main spam measure,

The to picture converting mail address with the picture compilation software, and the like it indicates Example:
To understand it colored the background in order to make easy, but if it makes this the background fuse, there is no strange feeling and is finished.
Adding unnecessary letter to mail address, just the human that tries can distinguish Example: (taking iranai-, sending, don't you think?)
The automatic operation program registers while mail address is misconceived.
The spam measure software is introduced The mail where the software is thought as spam is deleted beforehand

And so on it is.
The above-mentioned method as a spam measure considerably is effective, but respectively there is also a fault. Picture conversion of mail address care power must do address one by one, because, it is inconvenient for the transmission person and, type mistake and the like occurs. If the software is purchased, cost is required you just say, that and, in addition spamメール can be reduced is, it is not the case that it can be shut out completely. In description above it is thought that "the method of adding unnecessary letter" is optimum, but even then the time which deletes unnecessary letter is given to the transmission person it probably is the person where and, the person who has not been accustomed to this method does in the first place what and the refuse and others cannot understand to be.

More it makes easymakes easy & perfectly!

These ways "the optimum" you cannot call with former service method in various senses. This corporation, is optimum to spam measure, at the same time being simply free, it developed the inquiry mail system which it can utilize then.
As for at on being best in spam measure "the fact that mail address is not indicated on HP" you expressed. But, as for the point where it should consider here, as for the round robot not only the part discernibly of the human, it is the point that you look at the letter in regard to the program really and collect mail address. Depending, accurately, it shuts out automatic round type spam completely, you can call "the thing where in regard to the program mail address is not written".

Well "inquiry form" of a certain dangerous type

So, "does the fact that in regard to the program mail address is not written" probably mean that it is what thing?
There is also a kind of page which hides glance mail address with inquiry form, but in the automatic collection program the form which the っ て is not is happened to see frequently in many measures.
In order to distinguish that, the source is verified with main point below.

The page which has the inquiry form which we would like to investigate is opened.
(In case of IE) the right button of the mouse is clicked on the browser.
"Indication of the source" is selected.
The memo pad opens. What semantic unclear letter being indicated confusedly, now the shank. This is the program source of the page. Peeking this source, mail address it seems being to search coming wording, it does the automatic round program.
With menu of memo pad "compilation"? It selects "search", "form" (please input into the character string which is searched) with it inputs in the half angle, executes search.
<form action= " "method="post " with, the kind of letter which is said is found and increase is high? This is the part of problem. Don't you think? it understands that mail address is exposed beautifully.

Of course there is no such description in secure form of this corporation. Because it processes inside the server, how doing in スパマー, because it is designed to be the structure which is not seen is. Actually please try verifying in the page of this corporation.
You can understand think high in explanation above, how this system is useful to spam measure and.

Further merit "SSL encoding communication technology"

But, the merit of this system is not just this. As another merit, due to "SSL (Secure Socket Layer) you can list the protection of communications intelligence encoding communication technology".SSL (Webopedia)
Because this system has become SSL correspondence, communication contents entirely are encoded, depend and credit card information and even sending the important private information of ID/the password etc. it is possible. Because of this, until now because of critical information, not to be able send with the mail, because the case which has made the correspondence with FAX and the telephone unavoidable, method of the inquiry is unified in the mail, it is connected to the reduction and improvement of efficiency of labor cost. In addition recently attention is poured, you can say that it is effective even from viewpoint of "private information protection", probably will be.

Perfection no charge & the banner it is not っ て truth?

Of course, continuation of this service is impossible with the non profit. In the future, please think that the banner is pasted on the home page of main service of this corporation that it has planned. But, grants to the user in pasting the banner "contact form" being not to be please feels at rest. In addition there are no either times when fee is claimed. Being permanently free, you can use with even utilization with commercial business.

Reader automatic recognitive function (English and carrying correspondence)

Automatically the system the contact person (using form, the person whom it tries to transmit) you recognize utilization environment, you have become the mechanism which indicates appropriate form. In other words, it indicates in the person whom it is access with the Japanese browser with Japanese, English form is indicated in the person whom it is access with the English browser in automatically. In the same way in case of access from carrying, portable form is indicated in automatically.
Depending, it is not necessary to provide the plural inquiry windows. In regard to language, presently are just English and Japanese, but it is the schedule which keeps increasing corresponding language in the future.

Above, it explained, but utilization of this system not to be attached the for individual both commercial business all no charge, banner announcement or altogether, furthermore procedure just input of mail address and, most has attached importance utilization present cheapness. Please utilize by all means unhesitantly.

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